10 essential signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If you are particularly in tune with your body, you might suspect an early pregnancy just days after conception. But most women begin to have symptoms of pregnancy after implantation of the egg in the uterus.
This step nesting occurs on average 6-9 days after fertilization. Others will not notice anything for several weeks after conception, and wonder: "Am I pregnant? "Not seeing get their periods. You will find below a list of common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. You can have none, have them all, or only a few.
Cravings and desiresYes, it's a cliche, but food cravings sometimes can be a sign of pregnancy. Do not take those cravings for a symptom 100% sure: it can be "just in your head" or a sign of deficiency, for example. But if these cravings are accompanied by several other symptoms of the list ... start counting the days since the date of your last period!
The areolas of your breasts get darkerIf the skin around your nipples gets darker, it can be a sign of successful fertilization.Attention, such a change in the color of the areola may also indicate a hormonal imbalance unrelated to pregnancy, or even be a "remnant" of a previous pregnancy.
Implantation bleeding or crampingAbout 8 days after ovulation, you may have spotting ovulation, that is to say a few drops or blood stains pink or brown, as well as cramps. Why? The egg digs a nest in the endometrium. You may also notice slight bleeding or "spotting" around the date scheduled for your next period.
A frequent urge to peeOnce the embryo is hooked and begins to produce human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG or hCG-beta), you might have to go to the bathroom more often.
Severe fatigueYou feel tired? Worse than that, totally exhausted? The high rate of progesterone can tire you out as much as a marathon, then you do not change your daily habits. Fatigue is essential in early pregnancy, although alone it is insufficient to diagnose a pregnancy.
Breast tenderness and swollenIf you are pregnant, your breasts are likely to become increasingly sensitive to touch, as in the days before your period or more. Once your body gets used to the hormonal changes, the pain will subside.
A change in tasteYou may notice that your sense of taste changes. Some women experience a metallic taste in the mouth, others no longer stand the taste of coffee, tea or food they usually like yet.
NauseaIf you're lucky, you will not know the joys of nausea for several weeks after conception.Some have elected not even at all. For some, just days after conception, nausea and feeling of being smeared arise. And not only in the morning! Nausea associated with pregnancy hit morning, noon and night, and even at night, regardless!
An absence of rulesIf your cycle is usually regular and you notice a missed period, it may be useful to do a pregnancy test. A missed period is usually the surest sign of pregnancy in women of childbearing age and usually have regular menstrual cycles.And finally ...
A positive pregnancy testIf you have waited at least the first day of missed period to test, and the blue line, the "+" or the word "speaker" appears ... get ready, mom! Make an appointment with your gynecologist to confirm this good news, and go quickly in our Pregnancy area.Congratulations!

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